DuPont Performance Materials Develops Thermo-Conductive Resin for LED Lighting

Press Release | November 02, 2020
Press Release
DuPont Performance Materials Develops Thermo-Conductive Resin for LED Lighting

DuPont Performance Materials Develops Thermo-Conductive Resin for LED Lighting


DuPont Performance Materials collaborated with Philips Lighting to develop a new thermo-conductive (TC) resin especially designed for use in LED lamp housings. DuPont™ Zytel® TC will be used in Philips Lighting’s common GU10 designation bi-pin connector LED lamp.

                        Philips is the market leader in LED lighting with an estimated 12% global market share of the indoor LED lighting market.  “We are proud of this collaboration and the resulting DuPont™ Zytel® TC grade which will be used by Philips as the housing material of choice for the GU10 light bulb,” said Hidetoshi Saito, LED market leader, DuPont Performance Materials.  “We believe this breakthrough with Philips will benefit the LED lighting industry as it grows strongly in coming years and plays a lead role in energy conservation in commercial buildings, factories and residential homes.”

                        The LED lighting market is forecast to grow 45% per annum through 2020, reaching an estimated $63.1 billion in value according to WinterGreen Research, Inc. [1]

                        “The key challenge in developing the material was achieving an optimized balance of thermal conductivity and mechanical properties in the DuPont™ Zytel® flame retardant engineering polymer,” said Saito.  “This ensures that the LED lamp has long-service life and operates safely through effective dissipation of heat.”

                        The thermal conductivity of DuPont™ Zytel® TC decreases the processing temperature and is tailored exactly to the demands of LED lighting applications. In comparison with traditional conventional engineering plastic, the processing temperature would be decreased by 3-10℃, extending the service life of the LED lamp. Simultaneously, with a breakdown voltage of 7 KV, the grade possesses the required electrical insulation properties to pass the relevant safety standards and ensure proper product safety during usage. The superior processability possessed by this new grade brings a high degree of design freedom to the equation as well.

                        In addition to the performance attributes, DuPont™ Zytel® TC in this application offers distinct advantages to Philips Lighting. 1) There’s productivity benefits versus the traditional complex and costly approach that combines die-casting of metal plus plastic over-molding in a two-step process. There is a 15% weight reduction and a 30% overall cost saving for example, by eliminating die-casting and post-finishing processes, and reducing yield losses through maximizing the productivity benefits of the injection molding process.  2) DuPont™ Zytel® TC produces a ceramic-like white tone finish naturally suited to LED lighting applications.

                        “Development of this grade specifically for LED lighting is yet another example of our close collaboration with end users from the design concept stage through to actual volume production,” added Saito.  “This encompasses our engagement in the customer’s design brief, material selection, computer aided predictive engineering including CAD support, and testing as we navigate through the product development cycle.

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