Innovative Solutions for Wire and Cable Applications

Article | Mar, 25 2021
Innovative Solutions for Wire and Cable Applications


The DuPont Mobility & Materials Business opens up new market opportunities for the Wire & Cables industry with a broad solution portfolio of high-performance thermoplastics and elastomers—all backed by DuPont science, technology and technical support.  Across the communications, industrial and transportation sectors and beyond, these innovations help develop easy, reliable and cost-competitive cable solutions that meet the industry’s environmental & safety standards.


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Maintains strength and flexibility in high and low temperatures, with resistance to chemicals, oil, UV and wear and friction

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Safety & Sustainability

Halogen free, flame retardant possible. Non-migratory (no plasticizer), RoHS compliant.

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Cost efficiency

Easy processing, thinner wall

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Easier routing & lighter solution

Thinner wall through excellent mechanics & flex fatigue

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Fast & easy assembly

Outstanding flexibility and weldability 


It’s no wonder why DuPont solutions are used in major bridge projects like the Stillwater Bridge connecting Minnesota and Wisconsin.  DuPont materials were chose for its high performance over traditional rubber insulation and PVC, thanks to its proven effectiveness with:

  • Better winding flexibility
  • Durability
  • Cost-effectiveness 
  • Reliability
  • Thermal and weather resistance 

Our solutions: Zytel®, Zytel® HTN, Crastin®, Hytrel®, Vamac®, and Silicone Masterbatch

DuPont wire and cable focus

What is DuPont high performance materials focus for wire and cable tiered structures?

Dielectric Insulation Layer

Function: To separate conductors electrically & physically within a cable

Materials: Thermoplastic and thermoset


Purpose: Physically protect cable internal components during installation and ambient environment

Appearance: Can be colored

Materials: Thermoplastic and thermoset


DuPont high performance materials offerings for wire and cable

We provide a broad high-performance product portfolio for wire and cable applications. By different flexural modulus, from Performance Elastomers to easy, cost-efficient processing of Thermoplastics, we understand the material needs for this application, we feature our cutting-edge material technology to better serve this application. 

Hytrel® & Vamac®

Wire and cable material segmentation and position

Hytrel® and Vamac® have stronger position to compete in the applications that require low temp/high temp resistance, oil/chemical/fatigue resistance, and flexible & thin wall design.