What We Can Learn From the Microbes in Oil Fields

Dec, 02 2019
What we can learn from the microbes in oil fields | TED@DuPont
Geert van der Kraan

Research Scientist, DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences 

Microbial life is often a problem in oil fields, producing toxic chemicals and corroding steel pipes and tanks. Microbe detective Geert van der Kraan shares how we can transform this challenge into a solution by studying the clues these microbes leave behind.  By tracking the presence and activity of  microbes, we can see deep within these undergrounds fields, helping us create safer and smoother production processes.
Quote of the talk:

“There are things we can learn from the microorganisms that call oil fields their homes, making oil field operations just a little cleaner. Who knows what other secrets they may hold for us?”

About the Speaker

Geert van der Kraan
Microbe detective

Geert van der Kraan, a research scientist at DuPont’s Nutrition & Biosciences business, focuses on the energy industry. He is responsible for the development of next-generation control strategies and biocide formulation testing, holding specific use in the oil and gas industry. Additionally, he is in charge of expanding in-house expertise of molecular biology techniques and capabilities for bio-monitoring purposes at industrial sites and in oil/gas reservoirs. 


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