Clean Technologies

World-Leading DuPont Process Technologies

From fertilizer to refining, marine to mining, and beyond… our mission is to help you operate safely and with the highest level of confidence by providing industry-leading technologies, world-class products and services, and the people who know them best to allow you to operate with top performance, reliability, energy, efficiency and environmental integrity.

DuPont technology experts in clean technology solutions can help you transform your organization’s complex industrial processes to improve quality and profitability while meeting environmental regulations.

Our innovative technologies help enhance health and safety, improve operations efficiency, and deliver competitive advantage. DuPont experts tailor our industry-proven process technologies to help your organization produce high-quality sulfuric acid, formulate cleaner fuels, reduce emissions, and much more. We can implement breakthrough technologies and solutions across numerous complex processes, driving business growth.

BELCO® Clean Air Technologies: As a leader in effective emissions control for over 40 years, BELCO® offers solutions that reduce particulate, SO2, and NO2 emissions, for clean air compliance.

STRATCO® Alkylation Technology: As the world-leading alkylation process technology licensor, we offer comprehensive products and services with unsurpassed expertise. Our ongoing technical service and engineered equipment further enhance refineries’ operational, reliability, and maintenance performance.

IsoTherming® Hydroprocessing Technology: Our unique hydroprocessing technology, products and services help refiners make cleaner fuel efficiently and cost-effectively.

MECS® Sulfuric Acid and Environmental Technologies: As a leading provider of sulfuric acid process technologies, catalyst, and equipment, we tailor solutions for the fertilizer, metallurgy, refining, chemical and many other industries. Our comprehensive support further enhances operational, maintenance, and technical performance.

Operator Training Programs and Simulators (OTS): We combine our technical knowledge, owner/operator experience and world-class safety culture to deliver high-impact training programs to your operators and engineers. Valuable troubleshooting and response skills are learned in a realistic environment. Currently available for the STRATCO® Alkylation Technology, MECS® Sulfuric Acid Technology and BELCO® Marine Scrubbers.