MECS® SULFOX™ Brochure

MECS® SULFOX™ for Gas Desulfuriztion and Sulfurous Waste Regeneration

A unique, Reliable Solution

MECS® SULFOX™ is a unique wet gas sulfuric process where merchant grade sulfuric acid is produced instead of unwanted process by-products, sulfur or gypsum e uent. Each SULFOX™ plant is custom designed according to the feed gas concentrations and the customer's specific requirements while keeping the investment and operating costs as low as possible. The SULFOX™ process, which was developed to treat sulfur-containing waste gases, has over 20 years of successful field experience.

MECS® is one of few companies that design and manufacture their own sulfuric acid process equipment and technologies such as catalyst, heat recovery and mist elimination. By combining process technology, materials science, the backing of DuPont and nearly a century of sulfuric acid plant expertise, MECS® can provide a single point overall guarantee of quality workmanship AND performance.

Download the full brochure to learn more about features, benefits, the MECS® SULFOX™ process, the MECS® SULFOX™ Flow Diagram and MECS® SULFOX™ applications.