BELCO® EDV® Wet Scrubbing Systems

EDV® Wet Scrubbing Systems

Continuous, Uninterrupted Operation for Air Pollution Control in Refineries

BELCO® EDV® Wet Scrubbing is an extremely robust, low-energy wet scrubbing technology that features a unique open-vessel design and special non-plugging features. It is the world standard for controlling flue gas emissions from a Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU), enabling four to seven years of continuous, un-interrupted operation to fully support FCCU operating campaigns.  FCCU upsets are handled without need of shutdowns.  EDV® Wet Scrubbing allows refiners to concentrate on operations to produce products, not on emission control and compliance.

Traditional wet scrubber generates mist as the liquid-to-gas contact needed for efficient collection performance. However, mist generation and collection can create major reliability problems. High efficiency mist eliminators must be used to collect mist containing captured pollutants, allowing solids and salts to quickly build up on surfaces. This leads to plugging and maintenance problems.

EDV® Wet Scrubbing avoids any mist formation, meaning no mist eliminator problems. Proprietary spray nozzles and low gas-pressure drop vessels use size-controlled liquid droplets for effective gas contact.

BELCO® offers its system using different reagents and processes.  These include sodium, magnesium, and calcium based reagents, as well as dual alkali, once-thru seawater, zero-water discharge, and other regenerative processes.