MECS® Sulfuric Acid and Environmental Technologies

MECS® Sulfuric Acid and Environmental Technologies

MECS, Inc. (MECS) brings over 80 years of expertise to best-in-class sulfuric acid plant processes, energy recovery & environmental technologies, and specialty products & services serving a wide range of industries.

Industries Served:

  • Phosphate Fertilizer
  • Oil Refining
  • General Chemical
  • Metal Smelting
  • Power
  • Cement
  • Titanium Dioxide
  • Coal Gasification
  • Natural Gas Processing
  • Paper & Pulp

World-Leading Sulfuric Acid Plant Processes
MECS has a long and successful history in providing proven and reliable solutions to the sulfuric acid industry. Our solutions feature breakthrough technologies, many of which have revolutionized performance, quality and cost-effectiveness for the sulfuric acid industry. We offer sulfuric acid plant processes, products and services for sulfur burning, metallurgical sour off-gas removal, spent acid recovery, and wet gas sulfuric acid recovery (SULFOX™).

DynaWave® Wet Gas Scrubbers
DynaWave® Wet Gas Scrubbing Technology is the only process that can use a variety of reagents and accomplish multiple functions — including SO2 acid gas absorption, quenching, particulate removal, and oxidation — all in one scrubber. A unique, high-performance environmental technology, DynaWave® Wet Gas Scrubbers have been implemented by MECS in over 300 solutions worldwide, in various industries.

Genuine Fiberbed Brink® Mist Eliminators for Air Emissions Control
MECS offers the industry’s broadest range of products designed to remove virtually any type of liquid mist or soluble salt from any gas stream, including difficult to capture submicron-sized aerosol mists. Thousands of our systems have been installed in hundreds of applications: from sulfuric acid to chlorine, ammonium nitrate, sulfonation, asphalt manufacturing, food frying, and many miscellaneous organic and non-organic mist collection applications.

Innovative Heat Exchange Technologies
MECS® Gas-to-Gas Heat Exchanger Technologies offers some of the most efficient means on the market for recovering heat from energy-consuming applications in a wide range of industries. Our flexible and modular fully welded plate heat exchangers (MECS-ThermoZ™)  or non-welded “floating” plate units (OCAP™) have delivered results in fertilizer, refining, general chemical, agriculture and utility installations, as well as many others. For the sulfuric acid industry, we also offer a flexible and modular fully welded heat exchanger with both plate and tubular options, the MonPlex II™.

ZeCor® Engineered Alloys and Other Specialty Products
We revolutionized the sulfuric acid industry with a full line of corrosion-resistant equipment in our cost-effective ZeCor® family of alloys, exclusively available from MECS. All of our specialty products, from high-performance ZeCor® Uni-Flo™ distributors to our innovative ZeCor® towers, pump tanks, and piping, join unique material selection with MECS process and plant design expertise. This allows MECS to deliver holistic equipment solutions that keep customer plants operating safely and smoothly.

Sulfuric Acid Catalyst
MECS high performance sulfuric acid catalyst is engineered to offer high activity, optimum pressure drop, and excellent service life.  Applying a century of sulfuric acid experience, MECS has the complete technical expertise, proven catalyst performance, and overall sulfuric acid plant knowledge to recommend the optimal catalyst design to maximize value for your sulfuric acid plant.

Acid Plant Experts for Sulfuric Acid Plant Projects & Technical Services
Whether you’re considering an acid plant expansion, or seek to improve plant reliability or optimize plant operation, our Acid Plant Experts professionals are an integral extension of the sulfuric acid technology teams at MECS. Our Acid Plant Experts complement MECS design and engineering expertise by providing existing sulfuric acid facilities with Engineering Services & Support (ESS) for small, lump sum turnkey projects and expert technical service support for ongoing reliability, operability, environmental, and safety services and support.