MECS® Brink® Fiber Bed Mist Eliminators

MECS® Brink® Fiber Bed Mist Eliminators

World-leading MECS® designs can eliminate virtually any liquid or soluble solid mist from any gas stream, including submicron aerosol mists. Brink® solutions deliver the highest efficiencies, lowest pressure drop, and longest effective life available.

From the invention of Brink® Fiber Bed Mist Eliminators in 1958, MECS® has set the standard for offering the widest array of designs and materials in mist eliminators worldwide. Today, we meet the needs of global clients in a broad range of industries, from sulfuric acid to asphalt manufacturing, plastic extrusion, metalworking, and many other industries. Brink® Fiber Bed Mist Eliminators feature the latest technology, to effectively remove fine aerosol mists, submicron oil smoke, and soluble solids from process gas streams and stack effluents. Our solutions protect valuable downstream equipment, optimize operations, and minimize environmental impact, while delivering the highest efficiency, lowest pressure drop, and longest effective life available today. Brink® mist elimination solutions for over 300 applications have been installed in over 5000 facilities around the globe. Our engineers can help your organization select and optimize a Brink® solution for your application needs, whether you wish to improve process equipment design, operation, and product quality, or seek to reduce stack opacity to avoid environmental citations. Whatever your needs, in-process or end-of-process Brink® mist eliminators can help you achieve the highest performance, while lowering plant maintenance and operating costs:


Brink® Diffusion Fiber Bed Mist Eliminators

These versatile units can be customized to meet a wide range of application and industry requirements. Among our most popular fiber bed mist eliminators, these diffusion systems feature time-tested and innovative, proprietary Brink® technologies, and are available in Energy Saver, High Efficiency, and Field Pack designs.

Brink® Impaction Fiber Bed Mist Eliminators

These units are specifically designed to control emissions in sulfuric acid plants. They feature high-performance Brink® technologies and proprietary innovations which in many cases simplify maintenance or increase operating time, and are available in Cost Saver models and Co-Knit designs.

Brink® Packaged Mist Elimination Systems

Our all-in-one specialized solutions exclusively for fuming acid, organic and asphalt mist, and metalworking mist and oil smoke applications.

TowerGARD Mesh Pads

Our distinctive mesh pads capture, collect and return fine acid mists to sulfuric acid plant towers, enabling turndown ratios of 50% or more.


Unsurpassed Efficiencies for Optimum Value

Brink® systems can be designed to meet your specific requirements, and have been shown to achieve collection efficiencies of 100 percent on all particles larger than 1 micron in diameter and as high as 99.999+% on submicron particles. Our improved submicron mist elimination process design and operation can reduce your facility’s material losses, to partially offset or even completely pay for your system. Brink® solutions permit more efficient operating conditions that can eliminate the need for more costly construction materials in downstream equipment, even as they increase product yield. We also reduce maintenance costs by removing harmful mists that can cause downstream corrosion, plugging, fouling, or even potential fires or explosions in process gas streams and compressed air systems. And because Brink® systems are self-cleaning, with no moving parts, they seldom require repacking.

As in most fiber bed mist eliminators, Brink® systems direct gases containing mist particles horizontally through a fiber bed. The mist particles collect on the individual fibers within the bed and coalesce to form liquid films. These liquid films are moved through the fiber bed by the gas flow, and the liquid drains off the downstream face of the fiber bed by gravity. MECS® introduced a fiber bed design innovation to improve collection efficiency with a second, coarser, fiber layer on the downstream side. This additional layer expedites drainage and prevents re-entrainment of the liquid back into the gas stream.

Depending upon your application needs, Brink® designs can yield as much as 40 percent lower pressure drop — without compromising collection efficiency — when compared to older fiber bed technologies. Your plant saves money by using less energy to achieve high mist collection efficiency with low pressure drop. In all, our high-performance solutions can reduce your maintenance costs and increase plant profitability many times over with production enhancements and process de-bottlenecking.


Expert Solutions, Customized to Your Needs

MECS® Fiber Bed Mist Eliminators are backed by the most experienced team of engineers and most technically advanced research tools in the submicron aerosol mist collection industry. As world leaders in the design and construction of acid plants, MECS® engineers have extensive experience in industrial gas inlet conditions, fiber bed design, and materials of construction and corrosion resistance. We can analyze and recommend the right solution for even the most difficult acid mist elimination projects. Our expert consultants will balance your up-front and lifecycle costs, as well as performance, to ensure the highest overall value. By choosing Brink®, you benefit from our people and technology, as you provide your community with clean air and stack opacity control, for a healthier environment.