MECS® Brink® Packaged Mist Elimination Systems

MECS® Brink® Packaged Mist Elimination Systems

Brink® all-in-one packaged systems are designed to reduce, and in some cases eliminate, blue haze in specific industry applications, including organic mist, fuming acid mist, asphalt mist, and metalworking mist and oil smoke.

Built on innovative MECS® Brink® technology , Brink® Packaged Mist Elimination systems offer an all-in-one solution to meet emission requirements and eliminate blue haze and visible emission plumes in a variety of specific industrial applications. Our packaged systems typically consist of a skid-mounted pre-filtration section, an enclosure or vessel for Brink® mist elimination technology, a pressure blower and motor, electrical starting devices, and instrumentation. These systems, depending on their size, are usually shipped completely assembled. They are pre-engineered for a specific application, pre-tested, and ready for interconnect ducting, piping, and electrical tie-ins. Minimal site prep is needed in most cases, so the Brink® Packaged Mist Elimination system can typically meet fast-track operational requirements.

MECS® Organic Mist Packaged Systems

Our Organic Mist Packaged Systems utilize MECS® Brink® Brownian diffusion fiber bed elements, which achieve guaranteed collection efficiencies of up to 99.9%. MECS® organic mist elimination solutions have been efficiently and effectively collecting the submicron particles that cause blue haze in the following applications for decades:

  •  Vinyl fabric coating
  •  Vinyl sheet flooring production
  •  Plastic film-making
  •  Plastics extrusion
  •  Injection molding
  •  Roofing materials
  •  Asphalt saturator
  •  Turbine lube oil
  •  Fabric finishing
  •  Draw texturizing

Brink® FAVS® — Fuming Acid Vent System

The FAVS® packaged solutions offer safe and efficient collection of oleum, liquid SO3 and chlorosulfonic acid mists, controlling the problems created by fuming acids that are vented to the atmosphere. These all-in-one systems feature Brink® Fiber Bed Mist Eliminators, for a minimum of 99.5% submicron mist collection efficiency. FAVS® packaged solutions have numerous advantages: 

  • Value-engineered to utilize high alloy and FRP materials only where needed 
  • Hydrolysis-based, with a water injection manifold and “T,” to assure complete conversion to both dilute H2SO4 (sulfuric acid) and/or HCl (hydrochloric acid) mists 
  • Simple to operate, with basic, operator-friendly controls 
  • Equipped with a robust chemical duty motor and blower, and constructed for low maintenance and high on-stream reliability 
  • Insulated and heat-traced for all-weather outdoor use 
  • Available in custom-designed, portable, wheeled, and rolling systems for emergency spill and fuming acid control 
  • Available in pre-engineered capacities from 100 through 1500 CFM, with custom sizes available to be designed and built upon request

Brink® Asphalt Mist Vent Packaged System

This all-in-one system has proven successful for asphalt mist elimination in tank vent applications since 1972. The Asphalt Mist Vent Packaged System contains a Brink® Mist Eliminator Element to collect the very fine mist, which causes visible plumes from asphalt loading and storage facilities. On asphalt storage tanks, the displaced mist is captured in a collection hood over the tank vent. In loading operations, a collection hood is mounted over the filling nozzle to collect the mist. Several loading nozzle and storage tank hoods can be ducted to a single Asphalt Mist Vent Packaged System. These packages are available in five sizes: 250, 500, 1,000, 1,500, and 2,000 CFM.

MistGARD® Fiber Bed Mist Collectors

A packaged system dedicated to eliminating metalworking mist and oil smoke, MistGARD® has proven effective in thousands of successful fiber bed installations. It features a Brink® Fiber Bed Mist Eliminator with continuous efficiencies of up to 99.9% plus D.O.P., to enable clean air and a clean shop for our clients. Its performance surpasses proposed OSHA standards.

MistGARD® also enables our clients to recycle expensive metalworking fluids and save money on heating and cooling costs, even as it eliminates blue haze for a healthy and safe workplace. MistGARD® is designed for any of the following applications: 

  • Grinders 
  • Machining centers 
  • Turning machines 
  • Screw machines 
  • Cut-off saws 
  • Hones 
  • Hobbs and gear cutters 
  • Electrical discharge machines 
  • Cold heading 
  • Hot forging 
  • Transfer machines 
  • Parts washers 
  • Any metalworking process that generates oil smoke and mist