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DuPont™ RoofLiner Provides Trusted Protection


Ask anybody in construction and they’ll tell you that the number one enemy of roofing is extreme weather.

There’s no place with more extreme weather than the heat in the Mojave Desert, where temperatures frequently reach 120°F and where Peake Development owner Gary Isaac builds residential housing.

When Isaac first opened his business in Laughlin, Nevada, in 1998, traditional roofing felt was the industry standard with a four-year life expectancy and only a one-year guarantee. In the hot desert sun, the oil and tar in the felt would frequently liquefy and melt into the plywood beneath, leaving the material weakened and prone to leaks, tears, and disintegration.

It’s not just heat that presented problems. Most days brought 10–20 mph winds, which created challenges—especially during installation—lifting up the roofing felt around the corners and edges and tearing it. Money and time were regularly lost due to repairs during and after installs.

“What people think of as a roof—shingles or tiles—is predominately aesthetics,” Isaac explained. “The real ‘roof’ that protects the building is what lies underneath the pretty part.”

For years, he was frustrated with the fact that he was putting 50-year tiles on top of 4-year roofing felt, the best the industry had to offer at the time. “The simple fact was that there might not be any lining left after four or five years of our heat. It just didn’t make any sense,” Isaac said. “Something better had to come along.”

When DuPont™ RoofLiner was introduced in 2009, no one was more excited to try it than Gary Isaac. He noticed immediate results:

  • The polymer-based material is more resistant to heat than felt paper, and doesn’t degrade like oil-based felts, even in extreme temperatures.
  • The larger, 4'-width of DuPont™ RoofLiner has fewer overlaps and less opportunity for leaks than 30-lb felt.
  • Lightweight and durable, DuPont™ RoofLiner is easier to handle for installers.
  • DuPont™ RoofLiner is extremely difficult to tear, by wind or even by hand. Isaac keeps a sample in his sales office for customers to handle and test themselves.
  • The product boasts a 30-year limited product replacement warranty.

However, it was a routine installation in 2009 that convinced him of the absolute superiority of this product. After installing DuPont™ RoofLiner on a new house, Isaac’s crew headed home for the night with plans to install tile shingles the following day. That same night, a terrible storm blew in with winds of over 70 mph and a torrential downpour of rain. When Isaac and his crew inspected the roof and house the next day, they were shocked to find the DuPont™ RoofLiner perfectly intact—no tears and not a drop of rain inside the house. Thanks to DuPont™ RoofLiner, work was virtually uninterrupted, thereby saving money on extra labor and repair materials.

“Here’s the thing about this product—it’s a practical application. It’s real. It works. It saves me time and money,” said Isaac. “And I don’t have to worry about problems I had before. I finally have a product that is as durable as what I’m putting on top of it. That’s peace of mind for me and for the homeowners.”