Post Harvest Basis® Application Delivers Cleaner Fields at Planting

Basis® herbicide gives corn growers the flexibility to treat weeds in the fall and get a jump on spring weed control and planting.
Post harvest application of Basis® herbicide gives Gail Witt a jump on spring weed control.

A flexible weed-control program is key for Gail Witt, who farms 7,000 acres with his brother and two nephews near Missouri Valley, Iowa. DuPont™ Basis® herbicide gives him the option to apply post harvest or just in time for spring planting for cleaner fields at planting.

“If you plan for a fall herbicide application and weather doesn’t allow it, you still have a chance to make a spring application,” Witt says. “But if you’re counting on spring preplant application and weather keeps you from getting it done, you have no other choices.”

Gail’s nephew, Johnnie Witt, who handles the operation’s herbicide applications, was able to apply a post harvest treatment with Basis® to about half of the Witts’ harvested soybean fields last fall, which were expected to be planted to corn. The remaining fields were treated with Basis® this spring. When the corn was about 8 inches tall, he made a postemergence treatment with glyphosate and mesotrione or atrazine.

The fall Basis® treatments provided far better control than the spring applications, notes Johnnie Witt, in part because of the unseasonably cool weather this spring.

“With the fall spray, none of the weeds had a chance to establish,” he says. “With so many acres to treat, preplant applications can become almost overwhelming in the spring. Fall herbicide applications give us a head start on control.”

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