Voices of Experience: Add Crop Planting Flexibility With LeadOff®

LeadOff® herbicide helps Jim Burke control challenging weeds while offering crop planting flexibility.
LeadOff® herbicide provides clean seedbeds and crop planting flexibility.

DuPont™ LeadOff® is helping corn, cotton and soybean growers prepare weed-free seedbeds and allows changes to crop planting flexibility.

Crop Planting Flexibility

Jim Burke, who grows a mix of corn, soybeans and wheat in Missouri’s southeast Bootheel region, spends winters drawing up crop planting plans for the following season. But changing weather and commodity prices require flexibility.

“Typically, 60 to 70 percent of our acres are corn, but if we get a curveball, we want the option to switch some of those acres over to soybeans,” he says.

Using LeadOff® lets Burke make last-minute adjustments to planned crop rotations. “Not only does LeadOff® give us excellent weed control, it also offers incredible flexibility. We’re not locked in on what we can plant. We can adjust our plans right up to the day we pour the seed in the planter.”

Resistance Changes the Game

Burke says the influx of glyphosate-resistant weeds — especially pigweed — has changed his approach to weed control.

“The days of making a last-minute application on Friday and discovering clean fields on Monday are over,” he says. “Having an early-season weed control program is critical. Pigweed can grow up to two inches a day. If you don’t treat it when it’s small, less than an inch ideally, it’s game-over.”

He stresses the importance of planning ahead. “You have to start laying down a good foundation in the winter. Choose a residual herbicide like LeadOff® that will keep fields clean until planting and give you the option to adjust crop planting plans as needed.”

Value of Residual Control

LeadOff® features long-lasting residual control, promoting clean seedbeds that warm up faster and improve stand establishment. Controlling tough winter annuals such as marestail and henbit before they get a foothold in next season’s fields is key to starting off right.

“We can’t wait until spring to start herbicide applications,” says Burke. “Our weed-control program starts in November with LeadOff® The control we’ve had has been excellent. LeadOff® works perfectly. It gives us weed-free fields right up to planting, with the option to switch cropping plans if needed.”

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