Realm® Q Herbicide Delivers Early Postemergence Weed Control

Realm® Q herbicide has multiple modes of action to give you a stronger early postemergence weed-control ally when fighting broadleaf weeds in corn.

After several years of excess moisture during the spray season, Brent Swart was looking for a flexible herbicide to treat his 1,400 corn acres near Spencer, Iowa.

“We were looking for a herbicide with a wider window of application to target waterhemp, lambsquarters and velvetleaf, as well as provide residual grass control,” he says.

Last year, Swart treated half his corn acres with a herbicide tank mix of 1.75 pints of DuPont™ Breakfree® NXT preemergence with 32 percent nitrogen followed by 4 ounces of DuPont™ Realm® Q and 16 ounces of DuPont™ Abundit® Edge per acre.

The flexible application timing of Realm® Q allowed him to spray early and under more weather conditions.

“We had half our corn acres sprayed very early, around the V2 stage, and when the rains came during the ‘ideal’ corn spraying time, we were able to finish spraying in a timely manner because we didn’t have as much ground to cover and the weeds weren’t too big.”

Swart cites broad-spectrum weed control, a wider window for application and ease of mixing as the biggest benefits of using Realm® Q. 

“You are able to spread out the work over more time,” he says. “Realm® Q is quick and easy to mix and blends well into the final solution. I’ve experienced very good control and a clean field through harvest.”

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