Voices of Experience: Control Woolly Cupgrass in Seed Corn

With nearly three decades of experience producing seed corn, along with field corn and soybeans, Steve Holl knows a thing or two about woolly cupgrass.

The Conrad, Iowa, grower manages woolly cupgrass and giant foxtail with glyphosate in his herbicide-tolerant corn, but seed corn creates a larger challenge.

“Herbicides that control foxtail don’t have much effect on woolly cupgrass. It has such a large seed. You can control cupgrass with glyphosate, but on seed corn, that’s not an option.” Rotating every other year to soybeans provides some help, but woolly cupgrass seed can germinate even five years after it’s produced, so more active control was needed.

When given the chance to run a pre-registration trial on DuPont™ Revulin® Q, a premix of nicosulfuron and mesotrione, Holl saw his chance to get ahead of woolly cupgrass.

“I had experience using those active ingredients in the form of DuPont™ Accent® Q and Callisto,” he explains. “Accent® Q is a great product, but we haven’t used it much lately due to the price.”

He liked what he saw with Revulin® Q.

“Revulin® Q worked extremely well. I was very pleased with woolly cupgrass control – it was some of the best I’ve seen. There were very few escapes and I saw little green in the field after harvest.

“As a premix, Revulin® Q was a lot easier to use,” he adds. “We didn’t make mixing mistakes and it took less time to fill the spray tank when we were busy.

“I choose products based on performance and crop stress, especially on seed corn, where I want as little stress as possible,” says Holl. “There’s good value in using a premix like Revulin® Q with such good control and strong residual activity, especially with hard-to-kill grasses like woolly cupgrass.”

DuPont™ Revulin® Q herbicide is not available in all states. See your local DuPont retailer or representative for details and availability.  
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