Aproach® Prima Fungicide

Aproach® Prima: Resistant Disease Control, Better Grain Quality/Yield Potential

DuPont™ Aproach® Prima fungicide, with two modes of action, helps growers protect their genetic investment for increased grain quality and yield potential and supports resistant disease control in corn, soybeans and wheat.

From enhanced in-season disease protection to improved harvestable yield and grain quality, Aproach® Prima helps get the most from every acre.

Dual-Action Protection

Aproach® Prima includes the same active ingredient as DuPont™ Aproach® fungicide, plus a second ingredient that delivers an additional critical mode of action for resistant disease control.

The dual protection of Aproach® Prima provides preventive and curative activity on difficult, yield-robbing diseases, including gray leaf spot, northern corn leaf blight, southern leaf blight and common rust in corn; soybean rust and brown spot in soybeans; and downy mildew, rusts, tan spot, Septoria leaf blotch and glume blotch in wheat. It also protects against fungicide-resistant strains of several diseases including frogeye leaf spot, a major soybean disease now spreading throughout the United States.

Systemic Movement for Better Coverage

Systemic movement within the plant allows Aproach® Prima to prevent and control diseases on all plant surfaces, even on the stem and leaves deep under the canopy and leaves that have not yet emerged. This helps promote plant growth under stressful conditions and protects acres exposed to significant disease pressure.

Where Aproach® Prima Helps Most

Field trials have shown that Aproach® Prima is especially beneficial for yield protection and resistant disease control when used on these crops:

  • South and mid-South acres, where fungicide-resistant diseases such as frogeye leaf spot are prevalent
  • Intensively managed fields planted with hybrids and varieties with significant yield potential
  • Fields under heavy disease pressure due to previous history of disease, significant crop residue, irrigation or corn-on-corn rotation
  • Seed production acres, which are often susceptible to disease and other stressors
  • White and waxy corn and other higher-value specialty corn crops



State registrations for DuPont™ Aproach® and DuPont™ Aproach® Prima are pending. Contact your local DuPont sales representative for details and availability.