Cinch® ATZ Lite Herbicide

Season-long Preemergence Control of Annual Grasses

DuPont™ Cinch® ATZ Lite herbicide provides excellent season-long preemergence control of annual grasses, including barnyardgrass and foxtails, as well as key broadleaf weeds, such as lambsquarters, nightshade and pigweed, in one cost-effective, convenient formulation. This powerful atrazine premix offers versatility and efficiency.

Cinch® ATZ Lite Herbicide can be applied from early preplant to early postemergence in water, liquid or dry fertilizer, reducing trips through the field and aiding in time management. Growers can apply full rates from early preplant through early postemergence or apply a reduced rate at or before planting follow with a postemergence application of DuPont™ Realm® Q, Resolve® Q or Steadfast® Q herbicide.

Cinch® ATZ Lite Herbicide delivers peace of mind and flexibility through early weed control. It fits conventional, reduced-till and no-till corn production systems and can be tank mixed with other labeled preemergence herbicides for broader-spectrum control.

Other products in the Cinch® brand herbicides family include Cinch® and Cinch® ATZ.

DuPont™ Cinch® ATZ Lite is a restricted-use herbicide.