LeadOff® Herbicide

LeadOff® Herbicide Provides Exceptional Crop Rotation Options

Applied as an early-season preplant application to corn, cotton or soybeans, DuPont™ LeadOff® herbicide helps maintain a clean seedbed, allowing the soil to warm up faster and enabling improved stand establishment.

Wider Application Window Offers Planting Flexibility

Crop rotation options and planting flexibility is critical when responding to changing commodity prices or unpredictable weather. Applied 30 days prior to planting, LeadOff® creates a clean seedbed for planting cotton and soybeans, and corn can be planted immediately after application.

Contact Plus Residual Weed Control Gets Crops Off to the Best Start

LeadOff® complements contact herbicides by boosting their activity and adding residual control of marestail, annual bluegrass, henbit and other winter annual weeds, giving corn, cotton, or soybeans a healthy, vigorous start.

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