Resolve® Q Herbicide

Resolve® Q Herbicide Delivers a Clear Advantage for Early Postemergence

DuPont™ Resolve® Q herbicide delivers a clear advantage for early postemergence by partnering with glyphosate to provide immediate contact control followed by strong residual activity to prevent later-emerging weeds and grasses from competing with corn.

Delivers Control Where Glyphosate Alone Isn’t Enough

Resolve® Q delivers more consistent control of challenging grass and broadleaf weeds, including morningglory, common lambsquarters and velvetleaf than glyphosate alone. And a second mode of action helps manage weed resistance.

Residual Control for Cleaner Fields, Longer

Resolve® Q keeps on working after a postemergence application to control later-emerging grass and broadleaf weeds to reduce the need for a second postemergence glyphosate application.

Built-In Safener Adds Flexibility

The “Q” stands for built-in safener technology that offers the flexibility to confidently apply Resolve® Q under diverse weather conditions, across more hybrids and with a wide range of adjuvants.



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