Steadfast® Q Herbicide

Steadfast® Q Herbicide Delivers Effective Postemergence Contact

Whether you’re protecting conventional or glyphosate-tolerant corn hybrids, DuPont™ Steadfast® Q herbicide delivers effective postemergence contact plus residual weed control.

Contact Control With Systemic Activity Stops Weeds in Their Tracks

Get powerful contact control of grass and broadleaf weeds, including barnyardgrass, fall panicum, foxtails, morningglory, sandbur, Italian ryegrass, broadleaf signalgrass, pigweed and other tough emerged weeds.

Residual Control Keeps Crops Clean Until Harvest

Steadfast® Q features longer-lasting residual control to see corn through to a clean harvest.

Built-In Safener Adds Flexibility

The “Q” stands for built-in safener technology that provides the flexibility to confidently apply Steadfast® Q under diverse weather conditions, across more hybrids and with a wide range of adjuvants.

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