Vydate® C-LV on Cotton Nematodes

Vydate® C-LV on Cotton Nematodes - Applied at 5-Leaf Stage Chart

Extend Cotton Nematode Control

DuPont™ Vydate® C-LV insecticide/nematicide is the only systemic foliar application designed to extend nematode suppression following use of nematicide seed treatments, which results in healthier cotton plants with more vigor and an opportunity for higher yields and greater return on investment.

Temik No Longer Available

The traditional solution for early-season production problems, Temik, is no longer available to cotton producers. Vydate® C-LV helps fill that gap. “Vydate® C-LV is a great additive product for overall management of insects and nematodes,” says Darrin Malone, insecticide portfolio manager, DuPont Crop Protection. “Growers will get over-the-top management of thrips and plant bugs, plus extended control of nematodes.”

Plant Protection with Vydate® C-LV

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

  • The first six weeks of the season is most important for achieving maximum cotton yields.
  • At early bloom, 85 to 95 percent of the cotton crop is already on the plant.
  • The first 10 fruiting nodes account for about 95 percent of cotton crop value.


  • Vydate® C-LV controls other important insect pests, including cotton fleahoppers, plant bugs and stink bugs

Easy Tank-Mix Partner

Vydate® C-LV can be tank-mixed with:

  • Herbicides, including DuPont™ Staple® LX , glyphosate or Ignite
  • Plant growth regulators
  • Many foliar fertilizers*

*Consult a crop advisor for details on compatibility with specific foliar fertilizers.

DuPont™ Vydate® C-LV is a restricted use pesticide.

Temik is a registered trademark of Bayer CropScience. Avicta is a registered trademark of a Syngenta Group Company.


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