Follow Through With Your Orchard Weed Control Plan

Orchard with effective weed control.

Sequential Herbicide Treatment Strategy

A strong start to a full-season weed-control program in tree nut orchards begins with a fall-applied residual herbicide. DuPont™ Matrix® SG herbicide, applied in the fall and again in the spring, provides an effective season-long weed control program that:

  • Extends residual weed control through late spring months and into the summer
  • Reduces the need for contact herbicide applications
  • Targets key weed species, including marestail and hairy fleabane, which can germinate all year long in some parts of California
  • Promotes rotation of herbicide tank-mix partners with Matrix® SG that have different modes of action and target different spectra of weeds by season to reduce the chance of herbicide resistance

Big Weed Challenges

  • Controlling marestail and fleabane (PDF) is becoming more challenging because of increased resistance development to key contact herbicides such as glyphosate and paraquat.

For Effective Weed Control

  • Use herbicides with alternate modes of action. Matrix® SG (HRAC group B) provides preemergence and early postemergence weed control and should be tank-mixed with a herbicide with a different mode of action.
  • Make a well-timed application, ideally before the end of the rainy season in March.

Plan a Matrix® SG Spring Application

Ideal application timing in California nut orchards will vary from north to south due to differences in the start and end of the rainy season. To maximize the residual activity of Matrix® SG, at least 0.25-0.5 inch of rainfall or sprinkler irrigation is typically needed within 21 days of application. For most areas, mid- to late March offers the best application window for sequential spring applications.

Stay Ahead of Weeds

Applied as a 50 percent (or less) banded treatment to orchard berms, Matrix® SG can be tank-mixed at 4.0 ounces per acre and applied twice per year as part of a sequential treatment program.

Spring applications of Matrix® SG should include either Alion SC (indaziflam), Surflan A.S. (oryzalin) or Prowl H2O (pendimethalin) for improved control of marestail, fleabane and summer grasses, including barnyardgrass, crabgrass and Italian ryegrass.

DuPont Matrix® SG is not available in all states. See your local DuPont sales representative or retailer for details on availability.
Alion® (Bayer); Prowl® (BASF).
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