V2™ Advantage: Alternative to Metam Sodium for Potato Growers

Potato growers now have an alternative to metam sodium to protect their crops from damage due to disease and insects. DuPont™ V2™ Advantage is a full-season potato management program that includes DuPont Vertisan fungicide and DuPont Vydate® C-LV insecticide/nematicide to help promote stronger, more vigorous plants and consistent potato yield and quality.

The V2™ Advantage program has been field-tested for several years in the Pacific Northwest. In a video created by Spudman magazine, Redge Bodily, DuPont area sales manager for the Pacific Northwest, discussed the trial results.

“Seven out of eight times, the V2™ program rivals the yields and quality that we get out of metam sodium,” he said. “We’re very confident that the V2™ Advantage program will have the opportunity to replace or reduce metam sodium use for Pacific Northwest growers.”

Growers could reduce their use of metam sodium by nearly 50 percent, depending on type of V2™ Advantage program they use, says Bodily.

He explained how the program promotes stronger, more vigorous plants so crops stay healthier longer throughout the growing season.

The combination of more vigorous vines and suppression of early-die complex and other pests keeps potato growers in control of their crop throughout the entire season. This creates the opportunity for growers to better manage yield and quality to their specifications in a way that maximizes profit and return on investment.

Watch the Spudman video here.

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DuPont™ Vydate® C-LV is a restricted-use pesticide.
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