Potato Pest Control: Stop Insect Damage

Protect yield by controlling potato pests, including insects and nematodes.

Help promote yield with DuPont Lannate® LV and Lannate® SP insecticides by managing nematodes and key potato insect pests resulting in increased plant vigor in your potato fields. Whether you have potato pest concerns such as insect pressure, nematode pressure or a combination of both, DuPont crop protection products demonstrate a strong ability to protect the crop and improve plant vigor, leading to increased yields.

Almost Immediate Insect Control

Lannate® LV and Lannate® SP insecticides start providing potato pest control almost immediately to protect yield and quality. They actively control eggs, larvae and adult lepidopteran pests.

  • The broad-spectrum and translaminar activity of Lannate® makes it effective against insects that feed on not only the top of the leaf but also the bottom, such as armyworms, loopers, tuberworm, aphids and leafhoppers (a 2(ee) recommendation for potato psyllid control is valid through 2018)
  • Can be applied by ground, overhead chemigation or air to potatoes
  • No rotational crop restriction
  • 6-day preharvest interval (PHI)
  • One of a few remaining Group 1A mode-of-action groups; a complementary insecticide when used in a resistance management program

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