Foliar Insect Control Improves Potato Yield

Vydate® C-LV provides consistent control or suppression of above- and below-ground pests to maximize potato yield and quality.

As the window for foliar insect control in potatoes nears, DuPont™ Vydate® C-LV insecticide/nematicide can help extend the crop protection benefits of seed treatments and in-furrow applications. It provides consistent control or suppression of above- and belowground pests, including nematodes, leafhoppers and potato beetles, helping to maximize potato yield and quality for a greater return on investment.

Historical yields compared in a Vydate® C-LV program.

“Potato growers who made in-furrow applications of Vydate® C-LV at planting should prepare for follow-up foliar applications at hilling and again at full canopy for maximum nematode control,” says Mark Otto, potato and integrated pest management specialist with Agri-Business Consultants, Inc., Lansing, Michigan.

He adds that with neonicotinoid resistance mounting, more potato growers are turning to foliar sprays to control potato beetle. “If timing for nematode applications coincides with timing for potato beetle control, Vydate® C-LV is an excellent tool to target both pests and take some of the resistant genes out of the population.”

Foliar applications of Vydate® C-LV also are a good choice for growers who were unable or chose not to fumigate fields earlier in the season. The advanced formulation features both foliar translaminar and soil systemic activity for top-down, roots-up control of damaging insects and nematodes.

DuPont™ Vydate® C-LV is a restricted-use pesticide.

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