Dermacor® X-100 Protects Rice

DuPont™ Dermacor® X-100 seed treatment works immediately to protect rice against damage from rice water weevil and later-season stemborers to help crops achieve their maximum yield potential. Rice industry leaders are impressed with Dermacor® X-100. Here’s what some of them had to say.

Better Root System

“The top benefit of Dermacor® X-100 seed treatment is increased root mass. Strong roots help plants take up nutrients more effectively and withstand stress.”

‑ Ron Baxley, consultant, Pocahontas, Ark.

Early-Season Vigor

“I’m seeing stronger, healthier roots with Dermacor® X-100 seed treatment. As a result, my yields have increased by several barrels per acre.”

‑ Will Hayes, rice grower, Welsh, La.

Less Worry

Dermacor® X-100 seed treatment works really well; we didn’t have any troubles with rice water weevil damage at all. We never had to look back and worry about it.”

‑ Dale Thibodeaux, rice grower, Midland, La.

Superior Insect Protection

“Dermacor® X-100 seed treatment gave us protection from the get-go on weevils, which is a very important benefit for rice growers. We have seen (up to) an 18 percent increase on seeds treated with Dermacor® X-100.”

‑ Dale Denais, rice grower, Monterey, La.

Fertilizer Efficiency

“With Dermacor® X-100 seed treatment, we can reduce our nitrogen applications by 10 to 15 percent because the stronger, healthier roots are better able to absorb nutrients from the soil.”

‑ David Lacour, rice grower, Abbeville, La.

Yield Increase

“Dermacor® X-100 seed treatment made rice plants much healthier during their early stages. That rice crop was the highest yielding harvest ever.”

                                                                                        ‑ Michael Hensgens, retailer/seed  processor,Crowley,La.

Time Saver

“Dermacor® X-100 seed treatment provides another class of compounds, which can reduce the amount of time growers spend scouting and spraying and delay resistance.”

                                                                            ‑ M.O. Way, Ph.D., research entomologist, Texas A&M University

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