Peanut Profitability Awards Sponsorship

With constant challenges of insect and weed pressure, disease development and uncertain weather conditions, growing peanuts isn’t easy. Peanut growers must find new and more effective ways to manage these challenges to ensure a profitable crop year after year. The extensive criteria growers must achieve to be recognized with a Peanut Profitability Award prove the dedication and commitment of these top growers.

DuPont is a longtime supporter of the peanut industry and proud to be a sponsor of the Peanut Profitability Awards program. At DuPont, we aim to develop innovative and effective fungicide, herbicide and insect control solutions that help get the most yield and quality from every crop, every season. We appreciate the trust peanut growers have put in our team and our solutions over the years. 

Selection for Peanut Profitability Awards is based on peanut production efficiency and awarded to growers with the biggest yields and lowest cost per acre across the entire operation.

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