Envive® For Long-Lasting Weed Control

Envive® For Long-Lasting Weed Control

DuPont™ Envive® herbicide helps soybean growers tackle resistant weeds and benefit from long-lasting control of tough weeds.

Flexibility to Start Early

“Along with great control, Envive® also gave us much needed extra time, which was critical this year. With all the rain and mud we had, it was difficult getting everything done. Instead of having to go back in with a Roundup application three weeks after planting, we were able to wait until six weeks after planting. Having that extra time paid big dividends.”
‑ Mark Wankel, soybean grower, Petersburg, Ill.
“Our customers apply Envive® with 2,4-D and glyphosate in late March as a burndown before planting soybeans. They appreciate the convenience of applying it early in spring, when they have more time.
‑ Chris Webb, agronomy sales, Growmark FS, Greensboro, Md.

Controlling Resistant Palmer Amaranth (Pigweed)

“An Envive®-glyphosate tank mix gave us better Palmer amaranth control than anything else we tried. This year we switched to preemergence weed control with Envive® and an Envive®-Gramoxone tank mix on all our soybean acres for better control of emerged weeds that are resistant to glyphosate. We’ve been very satisfied with the results.”
‑ Josh Gaddy, agronomist, and Allen Earl Rivenbark, farm manager, Murphy-Brown Farms, Warsaw, N.C.
“Dealing with the weed resistance issue, I was shooting for 100 percent control of pigweed. I was able to achieve that last season with Envive®. I’ll be using it on all my soybean fields.”
‑ Bo Stone, soybean grower, Rowland, N.C.
“We applied Envive® three days after drilling soybeans into a 60-acre field of wheat stubble. Envive® provided six weeks of good control, before we went in with one application of Roundup herbicide. There was complete control of the glyphosate-resistant pigweed and marestail, so we were very pleased.”
‑ Adrian and Donovan Locklear, soybean growers, Maxton, N.C.

Longer-Lasting Weed Control

“Of the three herbicides we tried, Envive® seemed to give us the best and longest control. It did a good job on the pigweed and morningglory, which are the only weed escapes I see from my Roundup program.
‑ Bo Stone, soybean grower, Rowland, N.C.
“I applied Envive® herbicide with 2,4-D and glyphosate in late March, then planted Roundup Ready® soybeans at the end of May. Our fields were clean at planting, and I saw good weed control well into July, when I made a second application of glyphosate.”
‑ John Hammer, soybean grower, Greensboro, Md
“Envive® did a good job on winter annuals, compared to neighboring fields where it wasn’t used, and it also controlled early pigweed and morningglory. It was at least four to five weeks after application before we saw any weeds pop up in the Envive® fields. By that time, the crop was getting close to canopy. In the past, we needed to make our first post application before that.”
‑ Kay McGirt, soybean grower, Rowland, N.C.
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