Give LibertyLink Soybeans a Boost with Classic® Herbicide

Enhance performance of LibertyLink soybeans with Classic® postemergence herbicide.

LibertyLink soybeans have a built-in tolerance to Liberty (formerly Ignite) herbicide, delivering nonselective postemergence control of broadleaf weeds and grasses, including some weeds resistant to glyphosate and other herbicide classes.

Now there is a way to help the system perform even better. Adding DuPont Classic® herbicide or DuPont Synchrony® XP herbicide to the tank mix can enhance the performance of a postemergence herbicide program for soybeans with the LibertyLink gene.

  • Tank-mixing Classic® with Liberty delivers more consistent control of challenging weeds than using Liberty alone. Key weeds controlled include yellow nutsedge, morningglory, hemp sesbania, sicklepod, smartweed and giant ragweed.
  • An additional mode of action helps manage weed resistance or tolerance
  • Classic® saves time and labor and helps growers control input cost with effective control at low use rates and better postemergence weed control.

With long-lasting residual activity, Classic® keeps working to control later-emerging competitive broadleaf weeds until canopy.

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