Voices of Experience: Aproach® Delivers Improved Soybean Yield

Aproach® improved soybean yield in a South Dakota trial
Aproach® improved soybean yield in a South Dakota trial.

A DuPont™ Aproach® fungicide trial in eastern South Dakota shows Aproach® improved soybean yield by five bushels per acre compared to the untreated check plot. South Dakota soybean grower Kent VanderWal participated in the study and shares his observations.

“We made the Aproach® application the first week of July, right at the R1-R2 growth stage. Disease pressure was very low, due to the extremely dry and warm summer.

“Both the treated and the untreated plots looked very good throughout the season with very little, if any, signs of disease. Yet at harvest, the plot treated with Aproach® yielded five more bushels per acre than the untreated check.

“I was surprised to see such improved soybean yields in the Aproach® plot. Because disease pressure was so low, I thought we might only see a bushel difference between the two. For us to get a five-bushel response out of the Aproach® application was truly impressive. I can only imagine how beneficial Aproach® will be during years with high disease pressure.

“I also was impressed by how quickly Aproach® was absorbed by the plants. You don’t have to worry about it washing away if you get a rainfall right after application or degrading from sunlight exposure. That really helps growers deal with uncertain weather conditions.”

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