Post Harvest Canopy® EX Application Prepares Cleaner, Warmer Seedbed

Fall application prepares a cleaner, warmer seedbed for spring no-till soybean planting.

Kyle Rose, who farms 4,000 acres of corn, soybeans and wheat with his father, Joe, in Luka, Ill., has been using a fall herbicide program to help control marestail, waterhemp, fall panicum and other weeds in corn and soybeans for 10 years. He relies on DuPont™ Canopy® EX herbicide to prepare a clean seedbed for spring soybean planting.

“Applying herbicide in the fall helps us achieve our goal of having a no- or minimum-tillage program,” Rose notes. “As soon as crops are harvested while fields remain dry, we go out with Canopy® EX on fields being planted into soybeans. This spring, we saw clean fields until the end of May with Canopy® EX. Considering we applied the Canopy® EX about Sept. 20 last fall, that’s pretty remarkable.

Rose says fall treatments help make sure fields are clean in the spring so weed pressure is one less thing to worry about when it’s time to plant. “Plus, having clean fields in the spring means not having to get a sprayer out in front of the planter before a field is in planting condition,” he adds.

The economic benefits of a fall weed-control program speak for themselves, Rose notes. “Making two or three trips across the field before planting adds up. That’s when a $15- to $18-per-acre application of Canopy® EX makes a lot of sense.”

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