Enlite® Herbicide Keeps Soybean Fields Clean Longer

DuPont™ Enlite® herbicide provides consistent contact plus residual weed control.

When Judd Roehrig, Hilbert, Wis., switched from drilling Roundup Ready soybeans to planting in twin rows 8 inches apart, with 22 inches between the double rows, his biggest concern was controlling weeds before crop canopy.

“In the past, I relied on a total postemergence program for weed control,” he says. With the switch, “I decided to try applying DuPont™ Enlite® herbicide the day after planting.”

Early Vigor, Outstanding Weed Control

“Enlite® provided five weeks of great control of both grasses and broadleaf weeds,” says Roehrig. “The crop got off to a great start, with no weed competition. We saw a huge difference between early crop growth in that field and others.”

Wider Postemergence Application Window, Lasting Control

“Enlite® really widened the post-application window. I was able to delay my Roundup application by two weeks. Even then, there weren’t many weeds in the field, but the crop was getting close to canopy and I knew with that application the field would stay clean throughout the season. When I combined the field in fall, there were no weeds — it was clean as a whistle.”

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