Voices of Experience: Preemergence Soybean Weed Control

Enlite® provides preemergence soybean weed control.

Like many growers, Larry Huber enjoyed several years of using only in-season glyphosate applications to control weeds in soybean acres for his southern Minnesota farm near Waseca. But too many weed escapes encouraged him to consider preemergence soybean weed control options.

Larry Huber, Minnesota soybean grower, uses Enlite® for preplanting burndown applications.

He tried DuPont™ Enlite® herbicide as a preplanting burndown application. The results, he says, were amazing.

Season-long Weed Control

“The area treated with Enlite® stayed clean all summer long, while untreated acres required two applications of glyphosate to suppress ragweed, cocklebur and grass weeds.”

Bigger Yields

“In-season glyphosate applications tend to set the crop back by a few days. A preemergence application of Enlite® provided excellent weed control, while allowing uninterrupted crop growth. We harvested 5 to 10 more bushels per acre from the section of the field where we applied Enlite®.”

Greater ROI, Less Compaction

“One preemergence application of Enlite® saved two in-season application trips through the field. When you consider fuel, equipment and labor costs, that’s a significant return on investment. Fewer trips through the field also reduces compaction, which is a big benefit in wet years.”

Peace of Mind

“Enlite® takes the stress out of spring weed control. You can make your herbicide application just before or after planting and that removes the anxiety of being held up by poor weather and watching weeds grow too large to treat.

“Now that we’re moving away from reliance on in-season glyphosate applications, I think Enlite® is just what we’re looking for. We’ve seen excellent results. I think all soybean growers in this region should be using Enlite®.”

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