Voices of Experience: Control Soybean White Mold for Yield Boost

Disease management with Aproach® helps control soybean white mold.

Soybean white mold used to be a serious problem on Larry Lemler’s Wisconsin farm. The disease, which favors cool, damp weather; irrigation; and conservation tillage, would take up to 50 percent of his yield. Some areas of infection were so severe that soybean plants simply died, dropping yield to zero.

White mold started under the canopy where we couldn’t see it,” says Lemler. “It would start showing up in July. Within a couple of weeks, stems could be damaged to the point where we’d lost a quarter of our crop.”

Larry Lemler

After using Aproach®, Wisconsin grower Larry Lemler saw a soybean yield boost of 16 bushels per acre.

Lemler had tried other fungicides to stop white mold, but they couldn’t get below the dense soybean leaf canopy where white mold does its damage. When he heard DuPont Aproach® fungicide controlled white mold better with systemic movement within the plant, he decided to do a side-by-side test between Aproach® and Priaxor.

“Within two weeks, we could definitely see a difference with Aproach® over Priaxor,” said Lemler. “Plants treated with Aproach® were greener and healthier, and white mold infestation was significantly reduced. At harvest, the Aproach® treatment had cleaner plants, less lodging and a 16-bushels-per-acre yield response.”

Will Lemler use Aproach® again? “Yes, I was really pleased with the results. We saw how the added disease protection and healthier plants are really important to yield. When we went to harvest, you could especially see the difference Aproach® made. In 2014, we plan to make two applications of Aproach® on soybeans – once at R1, then again 14 days later. I’m convinced Aproach® will help us consistently push past 80 bushels per acre, even on ground where white mold has been a big problem in the past.”

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