Canopy® EX Herbicide

Powerful Burndown, Residual Control: Weed-free Fields Until Planting

A clean seedbed and faster warmup of soil temperatures allows growers to plant when they are ready.

Reliable Burndown In a Variety of Conditions

Canopy® EX provides effective burndown of winter annual and perennial weeds, including glyphosate-resistant marestail, even under cool temperatures.

Residual Control Keeps Fields Clean Until Planting

Canopy® EX can be applied anytime after harvest before ground freeze-up. Its burndown and longer-lasting residual control will keep fields free of marestail, henbit and other winter annuals until planting, so you can plant as soon as field conditions permit.

Reducing Weed Cover Lets You Get in Fields Faster

Reducing weed cover allows soils to dry faster letting you get a head start on spring fieldwork and reduces the potential for soilborne pathogens and overwintering insects.