Lumisena™ Fungicide Seed Treatment

The Most Advanced Seed-applied Technology to Control Phytophthora

Phytophthora is the number-one yield-robbing disease in soybeans. DuPont™ Lumisena™ fungicide seed treatment uses a new class of chemistry and a new mode of action to protect your soybean plants. In 2017, DuPont™ Lumisena™ fungicide seed treatment delivered a 1.0 bushel per acre advantage in 638 side-by-side field trials across the top 10 soybean producing U.S. states compared to the industry standard for Phytophthora. In multi-year trials, DuPont™ Lumisena™ fungicide seed treatment improved plant stands by more than 2,500 plants per acre under heavy pressure.* DuPont™ Lumisena™ fungicide seed treatment controls Phytophthora at all life cycle stages of the disease, resulting in healthier plants and greater crop efficiency. DuPont™ Lumisena™ fungicide seed treatment is the only seed-applied technology that offers protection against Phytophthora with preventive, curative and eradicative activity in soybeans.

See Lumisena™ VS. Industry Standard Treatment

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Soil Inoculated with Phytophthora Lumisena™ vs. Industry Standard Treatment

The benefits of DuPont Lumisena™ are clearly shown with two soybean plants grown in a growth nursery. This side-by-side evaluation of soybeans grown in cups, with a disc inoculated with Phytophthora two inches below the surface, shows the dramatic difference in root development and plant vigor under Phytophthora pressure.

In-Field Side-By-Side Comparison

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I Dig Lumisena™

Wet Spring 2017 – see an in-field, side-by-side comparison of early season 2017 soybeans highlighting the superior efficacy of DuPont Lumisena™ versus the current industry standard Phytophthora treatment.

DuPont Integrated Seed Science Center

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Supporting a Community of Seed Treatment Research Teams Around the World

The DuPont Integrated Seed Science Center (DISSC) conducts rigorous testing and training for DuPont’s seed-applied technologies. DISSC evaluates recipes, product compatibility, plantability, application and seed safety for a predictive, positive experience for growers.

David Borgmeier North America Sales and Marketing Senior Manager,

Ron Sabatka North America Technical and Product Development Manager,

*Data is based on head-to-head comparisons between DuPont™ Lumisena™ fungicide seed treatment (0.568 fl oz/cwt) and metalaxyl (0.75 fl oz/cwt) in the top 10 soybean-producing states through Dec. 12, 2017.  Plant stands increased 2,500 plants per acre under heavy Phytophthora pressure versus current FST/IST (including metalaxyl) standard treatment.

Product performance is variable and subject to any number of environmental, disease and pest pressures. Individual results may vary and from year to year.  No offer for sale, sale or use of these products are permitted prior to issuance of the required country, region or state registrations.  Lumisena™ may not be registered for sale or use in all states. Contact your local DuPont retailer or representative for details and availability in your state.

The information provided on this website is for reference only. Always refer to product labels for complete details and directions for use.