Beat Early Season Soil-borne Disease

Protecting your vegetable crops against soil-borne disease gives them a good start.

Protecting your crops against soil-borne disease is essential to getting them off to a good start. In fresh-market tomato crops, Rhizoctonia seedling blight and rot (Rhizoctonia spp) and Southern blight (Sclerotium rolfsii) top the list of fungal threats.

With its wide range of hosts and potential to live for long periods in the soil, Rhizoctonia is a constant challenge for tomato growers, notes Bond McInnes, fungicide technical manager, DuPont Crop Protection.  “DuPont™ Fontelis® fungicide can effectively control both Rhizoctonia and Southern blight at the start of the season.

The active ingredient penthiopyrad provides superior protection by locking onto a fungus and halting progression of key plant diseases.”

Flexible Application

Fontelis® offers application flexibility — it’s easy to apply at planting in-furrow, in transplant drench or through drip irrigation, depending on the crop and fungal threat, he says. “To protect against Rhizoctonia seedling blight or rot in tomatoes, apply Fontelis® in the transplant water or early through drip irrigation,” says McInnes.

For early season fungal control in snap beans, an in-furrow application of Fontelis® is the best way to control damping off and seedling rot (Rhizoctonia solani), he explains.

Foliar Disease Control

You’ll also get great control of foliar diseases with a well-timed application of Fontelis®.  Field trials show that Fontelis® outperformed another leading fungicide in control of target spot and early blight in tomatoes, and powdery mildew and other major diseases in cucurbits, strawberries (PDF) and leafy vegetables (PDF).

For fruiting vegetable crops such as peppers and eggplant, Fontelis® controls key diseases including alternaria blights and leaf spots, black molds and basal stem rot.  

“It’s critical to make the first application of Fontelis® before diseases develop,” notes McInnes. “Fontelis® can help reduce incidence of these diseases, which will increase yields and improve quality.”

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