Electrical Encapsulation Materials

Electrical Encapsulation for Relays & Solenoids

DuPont electrical encapsulation materials meet the needs of relays, solenoids, and other electrical applications.

Relays used in electrical appliances, information technology, and automotive applications all have different performance demands.  With characteristics ranging from thin wall flame resistance, to epoxy potting adhesion and hydrolysis resistance, DuPont™ Crastin® PBT and Rynite® PET are the top choices to meet the wide spectrum of requirements.

Solenoids, toroids, and sensors require high flow resins for low pressure molding, helping to prevent fine coil windings from being distorted during over-molding process.  DuPont™ Zytel® PA612, HTN, Crastin® and Rynite® can fulfill this requirement.  Moreover, they can meet the needs of most severe thermal cycles and chemical resistance.

Grades Class B (130° C) Class F (155° C) Class H (180° C)
FR30 E101 E200 --
815ER E102 E200 --
830ER/530HTE -- -- E300