Thermet™ Thermal Management Paste System

Thermet™ Thermal Management Paste System

Effective heat management is the key to optimum performance for applications ranging from LED lighting to power semiconductors. The Thermet™ thermal management paste system from DuPont offers an innovative and reliable solution.

For many applications and end products, thermal management is crucial to ensuring optimum performance.  The innovative DuPont™ Thermet™ thermal management paste system consists of a series of screen printable pastes, compatible with aluminum heat sinks and substrates that provide enhanced performance in terms of heat management, breakdown voltage, system simplification and operating temperature.

Benefits of the Thermet™ thermal management paste system include:

  • Directly patternable on extruded aluminum
  • Removes the need for expensive thermal interface material (TIM)
  • Low thermal resistance of package
  • BDV >4kV @ 35 micron
  • Operating temperature >200°C
  • Wirebondable and solderable
  • White reflective encapsulant
  • Low temperature curing polymer based system also available for cast alloys

Components of the Thermet™ thermal management paste system:

  • Single component dielectric layer
  • Low fire solderable/wirebondable silver
  • Thermal via silver
  • White reflective layer
  • Curable polymeric dielectric and silver conductor


Thermet™ is compatible with these grades of aluminum:

  • Glass system: 1000, 3000, 4000 and passivated 6000 srs
  • Polymer system: cast alloys and all other grades  

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