Tyvek® Cargo Covers Perishables Technical Study    

Evaluate the effect of Tyvek® Cargo Covers on quality & shelf life for air-shipped fresh green asparagus from pack out in South America through distribution and retail in the United States.


  • Test sample – UK/US sized pallet protected with a Tyvek® Cargo Cover
  • Control sample – no protection, industry standard
  • Product temperature, air temperature and humidity measured continuously at strategic locations within pallet from pack-out through distribution. Average temperature is reported.
  • Product quality and shelf life assessed at points throughout journey from pack-out through retail.
  • Product quality measured on 5 point scale at 3rd party lab based on length, weight and appearance. Appearance factors were: decay, compact/open tips, tip softness, and color.

Average Transport Temperature

Average Relative Humidity

Test Data:

  • Please see images on left


  • The temperature and humidity management benefits of Tyvek® Cargo Covers delivered a 40% improvement in shelf life and substantially higher "as received" asparagus quality at the distribution center and retail levels 
  • Nearly a 90% reduction in heat history (time – temperature integral, where temperature >10°C) with Tyvek® vs control during transit
  • 8 to 9°C (14 to 16°F) reduction in peak temperatures on tarmac vs control
  • 4°C (7°F) reduction in peak temperatures during fumigation vs control
  • Maintenance of desired high humidity environment during air transport vs 1.5% RH loss with control

Benefits Demonstrated:

  • 40% extended shelf-life at the distribution and retail levels
  • Significant quality improvement at the distribution and retail upon receipt of the product
  • ZERO weight loss vs nearly 1.5% weight loss for the control pallet

Tyvek® Cargo Covers deliver significant increases in shelf-life and "as received" quality with no net loss in weight through transit.