DuPont Takes Action To Revoke Novozymes’ Enzymes Production Technology Patent 

On November 14, 2014, DuPont filed a revocation action in the United Kingdom Patents Court alleging Novozymes’ European Patent No. 1 461 426, which relates to the expression of industrial enzymes in mutated Bacillus bacterial hosts, is invalid and should be revoked.  A copy of the complaint is provided here.

DuPont prefers to win in the marketplace of ideas with innovative products. Our action serves to ensure customers have access to the latest innovations. As a leading supplier of industrial enzymes to consumers and customers worldwide, DuPont has helped improve the production at commercially viable scales many important enzymes beneficial for processes such as cleaning, biofuels, food processing and animal nutrition. DuPont has been able to deliver these innovations as a result of significant investment in research and development and DuPont continues to vigorously defend its position with respect to intellectual property.