Industrial Enzymes & Other Bioactives

Improving Sustainability Profiles with Industrial Enzymes and Other Bioactives

DuPont develops biobased solutions using innovative enzymes, microbes, peptides and performance proteins to help improve the performance, productivity, and environmental footprints of our customers’ products.

Humans have been harnessing the power of enzymes in industrial applications for thousands of years, with one of the earliest uses for the filtering of wine and beer. Today, enzymes are used in many industries, from textile production and bakery products to animal nutrition, laundry detergents and biofuels.

DuPont has a long history of developing advanced biological techniques that enable us to leverage the diversity of enzymes and other bioactives found in nature. From the discovery of ‘backbone molecules’ and the re-engineering of proteins, to the seamless transition from the lab to large-scale production, we work collaboratively with our customers to provide solutions that meet their needs.

We call it DuPont™ Genencor® Science - it's what powers the innovations to help solve some of the world’s greatest challenges.