Process optimization calculator for dry grind and wet mill plants using DuPont Biorefineries products

The DuPont ENZYLATOR™ is a new mobile application for producers of first-generation ethanol and corn syrup. It includes product information, charts and other tools helpful for process technicians in both wet-mill and dry-grind production processes.

Self-Service Technical Support, 24x7

The ENZYLATOR™ also includes advanced self-service features most requested by our customers, such as powerful calculators to enable on-site process optimization utilizing DuPont enzyme products. (High-level access available to customers and selected partners only.)

System Requirements:

iOS 7 and above (iPhone 4 and above, iPad)

Android 4.0 and above (phone and tablets)

Known Issues

1. For version 1.0 in iOS, there was a bug with the Favorites feature - where you will get a blank screen after you had accessed the Favorites screen. We have fixed this problem in the latest release, please kindly update or reinstall your app from the app store.

2. For Android, some phones keyboards might not have decimal points when inputting numbers. The work around is to install and use Google Keyboard, please refer to your phone's instructions on how to switch your keyboard (usually under Settings > Keyboard & Input).