FermaSure® for Ethanol Production Efficiency

Fermasure® for Ethanol Production Efficiency

DuPont™ FermaSure® is the next generation of fermentation additives to decrease antibiotic residue and increase ethanol fermentation rate and efficiency without the use of antibiotics.

Bacterial contamination of fermentation processes decreases ethanol yield by competing with yeast for glucose and other nutrients, which ultimately form organic acids that can stress or kill the yeast and significantly decrease overall ethanol yield and batch profitability.

DuPont™ FermaSure® selectively and rapidly attacks the bacteria that are harmful in the fermentation cycle without harming the yeast, enzymes, or other desirable mash components. FermaSure® works to selectively limit the accumulation of lactic and acetic acids, enabling the yeast to produce ethanol faster and more efficiently.

Unlike other fermentation additives, FermaSure® can be shipped and stored for long periods of time, and is available in drum, tote or bulk quantities. It is robust in its ability to eliminate variation due to bacteria growth and provide productivity improvements due to additional yield and faster rate of fermentation.

DuPont is pleased to announce that FermaSure® has achieved GRAS regulatory status, where distillers’ grains and solubles used in feed for food producing animals are co-products of ethanol production.