Tools to Analyze and Improve Your Process

IB-GP-A Technical Service

The Applied Innovation Center (AIC) in Cedar Rapids, Iowa (USA) supports our customers in the fuel ethanol and carbohydrate processing industries. Our industry experts are dedicated to supporting customers via applications research and development, technical service requests and new product trial support.

We have developed serveral methods that identify ways to improve your process. Contact us to gain access to these powerful tools!

An Overview of Capabilities:

  Expertise Focus Capabilities Technical service requests (TSR)


Alpha-amylase, phytase


Carbohydrate processing and first generation fuel ethanol industries Thermo-tolerant enzymes, liquefact quality, physical properties (viscosity) Water bath liquefactions, pilot plant scale process Caution measurement, starch solubility


Glucoamylase, glucose isomerase


Carbohydrate processing, custom syrup production Gluco-amylase, maltogenic amylase, gluco-isomerase and transglucosidase Bench scale hydrolysis of liquefied starch, glucose > fructose  


Glucoamylase, acid-stable alpha, AFP, phytase, trehalase


Ethanol industries Enzymes, microorganisms, and fermentation promoters Shake flask level and bench scale fermentors Residual starch, free-amino nitrogen, carbohydrate analysis