Slim Tube Bioplugging Test Shows Greater Pressure Drop with Addition of Microbes 

Bioplugging Microbes Make MATRx Different

FIGURE 1. – Slim tube bioplugging test showing the contrast between using a microbe and nutrients selected for bioplugging compared to nutients only. Authentic fluids (live injection water and dead oil) used.

DuPont research has shown inoculation to be a critical step necessary to the overall success of MEOR technologies. As shown below, a pair of identical slim tubes were set up to measure bioplugging. Both slim tubes were treated in an identical manner using “live” injection water to provide the background of organisms present in the well. One was inoculated with the preferred microbe while the other was not. Both were fed with nutrients. Only the inoculated slim tube presented the desired bioplugging mechanism.

MATRx™ uses customized nutrients to feed favored species to ensure downhole growth and success.The DuPont proprietary injection system protocol ensures that nutrient effects are propagated far beyond the wellbore to prevent wellbore fouling.