Why Use Enzymes in Detergents for I&I Cleaning Applications?

Enzymes are proteins found in nature that help to catalyze – or accelerate – certain types of biochemical reactions.  Enzymes are used to boost the performance of laundry and dishwashing detergents, by helping break down tough soils such as those from proteins, starch, and fats, while providing your customers with the cost-savings and environmental benefits they are looking for.

Broadening the Stain-Fighting Reach of Detergents

OPTIMASE® PR 40E is our versatile granular protease product designed to target and eliminate tough protein-based stains such as blood, milk, gravy, and eggs. Unlike chemical-based cleaners, detergents formulated with OPTIMASE® PR 40E enable effective stain-removal at low wash temperatures, providing your customers with sustainable, convenient, detergent formulations, without having to sacrifice cleaning performance.


OPTIMASE® Professional Grade Enzymes can help address the key challenges in the I&I Industry

Lower Total Operating Cost: With an average annual cost of linen replacement per 150-room hotel of $18.8 K, reducing overall operating costs is a key goal of many commercial laundry operators. Using DuPont OPTIMASE® Professional Grade Enzymes in your I&I cleaning products can help deliver a more efficient cleaning performance, reduce labor and cycle-times, and decrease the impact of harsh chemicals on the wear-and-tear of equipment and washed articles.

Need for “Clean and Green”: The I&I Industry is particularly sensitive to the growing needs in sustainability. With increasing pressures on I&I customers to reduce their impacts on the environment and to limit their use of natural resources, we must deliver new, clean, and green innovations that do not compromise on performance.  Formulating your detergents with DuPont OPTIMASE® Professional will allow you to deliver several eco-friendly benefits to your customers – from enabling decreased water-consumption and lower wash temperatures to providing solutions with biodegradable and near-neutral pH waste products and effluent streams.

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