Enzymes for Biogas Production

Discover Enzyme Technology to Increase Biogas Production – and Profit

Solutions for anaerobic digesters

Increased biogas production

Enzymes break down large polymers into smaller sugars and amino acids more suitable for biogas-producing organisms.

Increase biogas production in shorter cycles and with higher quality output using the latest suite of enzymes from DuPont. Our enzymes break down the widest variety of cellulosic fibers and protein-rich materials, enabling faster fermentation times and biogas production at a lower cost.

How can enzymes help biogas producers?

  • Increased biogas production from the same amount of feedstock OR decreased feedstock consumption to achieve the same level of biogas production
  • Improved biogas quality (methane/CO2 ratio)
  • Reduced viscosity of substrate and digestate – reduced mixing costs
  • Increased fermentation rate; shorter residence time
  • Increased process robustness: ability to break down more difficult substrates, as well as reduce risk of rafting.

Enzyme activity over a broad pH and temperature range

Biogas enzymes from DuPont span a broad range of pH and temperature, with product offerings that are effective between pH 4-8 and 30-75˚C.

What feedstocks can enzymes work with?

Any organic material that contains cellulosic fibers, including agricultural materials, as well as farm, animal, paper and food wastes. This includes enabling safe use of non-food feedstocks such as straw and deep litter muck. Additionally, enzymes can also help break down protein-rich materials such as food waste and manure.

Biogas enzyme products from DuPont:

OPTIMASH® AD-100 represents an exciting new development for the growing biogas sector: an enzyme that has been shown to produce up to a 13 percent increase in biogas yields in anaerobic digesters. The addition of this enzyme into the biomethane process improves the profitability for customers and operators by reducing feedstock requirements and increasing biogas production.

OPTIMASH® AD-300 is the company’s latest enzyme offering for the waste water, food waste, and livestock biosolid segments within the biogas industry. It will quickly degrade proteinaceous materials into soluble amino acids accelerating biogas production, and increase protein based biogas yields up to 12%. Optimash® AD-300 can also be added to existing anaerobic digestion processes to further convert proteinaceous materials.