Enzymes for Textile Desizing

PrimaGreen® ALL: High Performance Enzymatic Desizing for ALL Application Conditions

Enzymatic desizing that delivers best-in-class product performance to the textile industry, coupled with excellent energy and cost reductions

Greater process flexibility and energy savings

PrimaGreen® ALL can be used in a wide range of operating pH and temperature conditions, offering significant advantage to formulators and end-users.

PrimaGreen® ALL is a highly concentrated liquid amylase enzyme for textile desizing applications. Its wide temperature range and robust formulation means it can be applied under a broad range of processing conditions (pH 6-10 and 20-105°C) and in a wide range of formulations for end-use. The low total phosphate and chemical oxygen demand (COD) in the working solution lowers the effluent treatment load.

Leading Performance
PrimaGreen® ALL delivers industry-leading performance across a wide variety of processing conditions and formulations for ultimate flexibility and ease of use.

Superior Sustainability
PrimaGreen® ALL is engineered to run end-to-end desizing operations at much lower temperatures than ever before across a broad range of pH.

Optimized Cost Savings
PrimaGreen® ALL features less formulation development, better ease of handling, and lower energy costs with higher performance compared with other desizing enzymes.

Why PrimaGreen® ALL for Enzymatic Desizing?
Wide operating temperature range(20 – 105° C) and broad pH range (6 – 10)  Works effectively in different processes (exhaust, pad-batch, pad-steam) offering multi-purpose desizing flexibility
Low calcium dependency Robust performance independent of the calcium concentration in the process
DuPont formulation guidance Ease of use / lower development cost: various reformulation options areavailable to suit your cost and performance needs 
Concentrated formulation for enhanced performance, especially suitablefor lower temperature processing  

Energy savings while processing at lower temperatures.

Reduced handling and reduced logistics costs

Low total phosphate (TP) and Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) in the desizing working solution

Lower effluent treatment load


Not for sale or use in the United States