Enzymes for Textile Bioscouring

PrimaGreen® Ecoscour: High Performance and Eco-Friendly Enzymatic Bioscouring

Offering up to 60% energy and water savings in textile pre-treatment processing

Process Cost Comparison for Scouring and Biofinishing:

The PrimaGreen® EcoScour enzymatic bioscouring process saves water, energy, and time.

EcoScour is an bioscouring enzyme with a neutral pH operating range. EcoScour operates in medium to low temperatures and prepares fabrics for dyeing medium to dark shades. Compared with conventional scouring in a textile pre-treatment process, the enzymatic Ecoscour process offers textile mills both economic and sustainability benefits.


No caustic soda Up to 31% shorter process
Neutral pH scouring process Softer fabrics
Combined scouring and biofinishing  Enhanced absorbancy/dye uptake
  Reduced fabric weight

Download the PrimaGreen® EcoScour brochure for more comparison charts on processing conditions.

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