Garment Finishing

Enzyme Solutions for Garment Finishing

With PrimaGreen®, garment laundries can save both time and money in the desizing, abrasion and fading of denim

Abrasion and fading can now be accomplished in a single bath with no drop and refill. PrimaGreen® enzymes provide garment laundries with excellent controllable and reproducible effects in the finishing of denim—all at lower temperatures and with less water. Flexible Fading allows designers to take one base denim fabric and create multiple looks—saving both money and time while providing high-quality fabrics and finishes that today’s consumers demand.

Enzymes break down starch and are therefore useful for desizing woven fabrics. Our range of desizing alpha-amylase enzymes are available for use in a wide pH and temperature range and are suited for all starch desizing processes.

Garment Abrasion
Cellulase enzymes are perfect for creating the stonewashed looks of indigo-dyed denim, which can help eliminate the use of actual stones. Enzyme technology from DuPont works on the surface fibers of denim, exposing the white core of the ring-dyed yarns. In addition to producing a fashionable look and feel, enzymatic fading of denim causes less environmental impact compared to pumice stones derived from mining which then cause damage to garments and equipment.

Garment Fading
PrimaGreen® fading enzyme systems can be used to alter the color and shade of indigo- and sulphurdyed fabric. This enzymatic approach can create new fashion possibilities from cast adjustment and shade change to bleaching without the use of chlorine or permanganate, which often are cited problematic due to their negative impacts on health, safety and environment.




Textile Processing Product List
Download a list of enzymatic solutions for textile processing and garment finishing applications.
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